For minds building future scenarios and extended realities

What to expect?
Each FFFUTURES edition is made of a combination of the following topics:

🔮 Future Scenarios

News related to research, writing, and concepts that move the present forward.

👁️ Omnirealities

Happenings in the realms of Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Realities.

💀 Not a Cylon

A selection of art expressions most-likely made by a human.

🧠 Common Enemy

Articles related to AI, its development, and ethical implications.

🐾 The Chihuahua that Changed my Mind

Technologies and paradigms that live in a divisive space among society.

📿 A Return to Faith

Attention-worthy pieces to ponder while building other realities.

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Notes about future scenarios, extended realities, and art definitely not made by Cylons